Aquidneck Hearing Center

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Audiology is our passion–our clinic was created to help you achieve better hearing, and ultimately, a better quality of life! Our mission is to provide excellent individualized care to all of our patients. We educate our patients so they may make better, informed decisions. 

Each patient is unique. Hearing loss can affect each individual differently.  Our mission is to diagnose the type and degree of hearing loss, and to learn how it affects a patient’s life so we can treat them effectively. Along with Dr. Freedman’s help, we can treat a wide scope of hearing loss and tinnitus. As doctors of Audiology, we are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat hearing loss. Each person’s auditory function varies based on the listening environments they encounter. We take a holistic approach to evaluating each person’s needs and lifestyle. At Aquidneck Hearing Center, our goal is to improve quality of life; we want to provide each of our patients with the right tools to ensure success. We understand good communication enhances relationships with loved ones, friends and acquaintances.


A story about perseverance!

Taking a personalized approach to treating hearing loss will optimize performance with hearing instruments. That’s why building a relationship with our patients is paramount.

  • We work with the hearing aid industry’s best manufacturers to find the right solution for each person.
  • Some health insurance plans do carry a hearing aid benefit. We will help you stay within your budget. Call us for more information.
  • We want to make your visit an unexpected pleasure! Ask us for a free hearing screening so we have an opportunity to get acquainted.


Our audiologists, Joseph R. Weisberger Au.D. and Katie Klewin, Au.D. administer comprehensive hearing evaluations for both pediatric and adult patients.

The audiologists work closely with Dr. Freedman to arrive at the assessment of hearing impairment as well determination of site of the lesion in the auditory pathway. This can help determine what options are available to treat the patient’s hearing loss.

Our audiologists provide solutions for hearing impairments in patients of all age groups with use of aural rehabilitation and only the most premium hearing aid technology available. They also can create custom hearing protection in order to help prevent noise-induced hearing loss. They are well versed in new technological advances including wireless capabilities such as Bluetooth; in addition, many hearing aids can be re-programmed on site. Most hearing aid makes and models can be evaluated and repaired; the hearing instruments may need to be sent off site for repair.

Whether you choose to schedule time to sit down with one of our audiologists to discuss your current hearing aids, personal difficulties with communication or new hearing devices, they are here to help.